On this episode, Maanda Tshifularo interviewed Kganki Matabane, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Black Business Council, an umbrella body of black business in South Africa. Kganki is also a member of the Presidential Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council.

In this interview, Kganki Matabane talks about the important role that the Black Business Council plays in the South African economy through their various initiatives. He encourages young people to participate on platforms that will not only give them the opportunity to play a part in solving our current problems as a country, but that will also give them access to influential networks that could potentially be helpful in the future.

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SuperLead Podcast Episode 114 with Kganki Matabane – CEO and Executive Director of the Black Business Council on Playing a Part in Solving Our Current Problems as a Country

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