On this podcast, Maanda Tshifularo interviewed Bruce Whitfield who is the author of the bestselling book, The Upside of Down, an award-winning financial journalist, and a global keynote speaker. This Money Show host is also a Contributing Editor to the Financial Mail, a Columnist at Business Live, and provides foreign correspondence to several international news providers.

In this interview,  Bruce Whitfield takes us back to growing up in a multi-generational farming family in the Free-State where at the age of 5, he decided he wanted to become a journalist. He went on to have a fruitful career in journalism spanning three decades. He shares some of the lessons he has learned over the years, unpacks The Upside of Down and his most recent book, Genius: How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos.

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Super Lead
SuperLead Podcast Episode 110 with Bruce Whitfield – Keynote Speaker, Money Show Host and Bestselling Author on the Knowledge, Wisdom and Lessons Learnt on His Journey

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