The Power Of Grit

Podcast 10 With Themba Baloyi The Power Of Grit

Podcast 10 With Themba Baloyi The Power Of Grit

Grit is the sustained application of effort towards a long-term goal is the biggest predictor of lifelong achievement. “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Effective leaders have a special quality called “grit,” which refers to a drive to overcome all sorts of hurdles. grit is “a personality trait possessed by individuals who demonstrate passion and perseverance toward a goal despite being confronted by significant obstacles and distractions.”

Grit is another way of describing someone who sticks with it, doesn’t let obstacles keep them from moving ahead and finishes what they start. It describes someone who focuses on an outcome and strives to meet it – realizing that flexibility is required – knowing that when things don’t go well, they can adapt and seek resources to help them press on.

Although the concept may seem elusive, researchers have found ways to explore the utility of grit. Angela Duckworth studied the concept of grit and found that gritty individuals outperform peers who demonstrate more intelligence or aptitude. Despite the fact that natural talent also matters, but once you have a pool of candidates above the threshold of necessary potential, grit is a major factor that predicts how close they get to achieving their potential.” So, grit is a good quality to have as a leader.

There are four major component of a grit life according to “Angela Duckworth” Four component of a grit life

  1. Developing a super interest and fascination with what you do
  2. Striving to improve each day
  3. Linking and reminding yourself for what you do
  4. Adopting a growth mind set.

People always have the propensity to start, but lack the finishing spirit.  This doesn’t take away the fact that these people have the will to go on. But many seem to get weary or distracted along the way. These people can be said to lack the grit that is needed to success despite the odds.

In nurturing great leaders, the character trait of grit needs to be encouraged in those who have grit and developed in those who don’t. Today, most organizations do not want to spend the money or the time to develop good leaders; as a result, only those who naturally understand the importance of grit and know how to put this trait to use can bring tremendous benefits to their organization.

We need to also accept the uncertainty. The majority of people cling to the false perception that change and uncertainty are a distant possibility. Thus, a sense of a surreal experience takes hold and becomes a self-sabotaging outcome when change seemingly comes out of the blue. This perceived unexpected change is never a surprise for those who are tuned into the incremental shifts that take place moment to moment. Few people utilize a visionary approach to see these shifts as a trend, minuscule as it might be, that needs to be recognized, managed, and/or anticipated.

Instead of resisting change through denial, welcome change as a part of the exciting experience of being human. Think about how boring it would be if everything was exactly the same each and every moment. Life would be like reading a book or seeing a movie that is the same from beginning to end.

Know that you are not perfect. There is the need to understand that we do not have all the answers. Do not think because you are being successful then you think no one can tell you what to do.

Circumstances and changes in conditions are sometimes capable of eroding whatever ambitions we have especially if it happens that things are not going our way. But you can scale this huddle by giving yourself a test. Begin by asking yourself what are the most important goals in your life. Your answers – or the lack of them – will tell you what to do – and what you need to do to build an even stronger set of cornerstones for future success.

It is great to have the growth mindset, but it is also important that you infuse what you learned daily into your everyday life.  It also important to understand that no matter what your access is or your influence, it is not for your own gratification. You also need to think about what access or influence you have to help people actualize their goals.

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