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Episode 3: Donald Valoyi-Zulzi

Episode 3: Donald Valoyi-Zulzi

Founder of a multi-million rand company, Donald Valoyi-Zulzi is a man who had taken a calculated risk and left his high end job at FNB to invest more time into his start-up company. Through hard work, dedication, and strategic thinking Donald Valoyi-Zulzi turned his business dream into the successful reality it is today. The interview between Maanda Tshifularo and Donald Valoyi-Zulzi provides insights and helpful tips into the world of on-demand platforms. Below is a snapshot summary of the interview with the prestigious and highly acclaimed CEO of Zulzi:

Why start the on-demand platform?: The start of the platform was to give companies the opportunity to sell online products to consumers. Donald identified a problem within his community and was determined to resolve the problem, which was to enable people in his community to receive their day to day products (such as groceries, product purchases).

Donald’s fear described when he left his job at FNB: The start-up business did not generate the revenue received as compared to his full-time job at FNB. The first few months of the start-up company was challenging, which made this journey both fascinating and painful.

What does being an entrepreneur in this day and age mean? Being an entrepreneur is not about the job title, its about getting into the day to day functions of the business. You will need to be flexible with your outlook in terms of your job title and do anything that is required for the business, even if it means been the delivery driver if required. Its about playing various roles.

Donald’s suggestions for a startup on-demand platform: To enable you to be clued up with the latest technologies, or if you would like to up-skill yourself in the IT field, Coursera is a suitable training website is (www. This website has courses from the top universities in the world and you will be able to obtain certificates from the Coursera website, once the course is done. ….Another tip is to make sure you have the right tools and latest technologies….. A techno co-founder/partner to design or develop your application packages is crucial for this type of business, especially when it comes to obtaining funding for your business….. In an on-demand company, market research and analysis is highly important

Donald’s advice for anyone who wants to start a company but is afraid to take the commitment of starting up their company – You will never know everything in the beginning. This is a new venture, something uncharted and not explored, just go… You will learn as you do this. Leave the comfort zone, however realise that it is not going to be easy process. When you have started your company/venture think long-term and not just for the ‘here and now’. Another fundamental advice is to teach the people around you (family members, friends, loved ones) on how to be supportive whilst you are achieving your goal.

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