The C’s and R’s of SuperLead


Enriching personal and leadership development content.


Expanding and deepening your personal network.


Developing your emotional resilience and grit.


Making your money and time work for you.

SuperLead: Building high capacity African leaders

SuperLead aims to stretch your personal capability as a leader, inspiring you to go further in leading yourself and others. We want to equip any individual with the right content, connections, resilience and resourcefulness in becoming a high capacity leader.

We believe that the most vital ingredient for Africa to reach its full potential is to build credible, diverse, selfless and inspirational leaders in all sectors. Leaders who can leapfrog systematic challenges to alleviate poverty, drive inclusiveness growth, transform economies, and achieve social cohesion, prosperity, peace and stability.

Giving our listeners sound leadership advice is what we are all about growing awareness for the need to make connections in order to thrive as a leader.

  1. Building leaders resilient to external pressures.
  2. Developing the skill-set to think outside the box and imagine new solutions

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